Our Mission

To tell the world that the secret of change is not to focus all of your energy on fighting the old you but by harnessing the highest version of yourself.  Elevate your spirit and self awareness to embody the wonderful being you were destined to be.    If your vitality is in need of a boost we've unlocked the secret and it doesn't involve spending hours in the gym.   Join our CelticYogiBelles Clan - our formula will create for you a complete transformation in a very short space of time.  With a career in fitness and yoga that spans over two decades, Rhonda and  Elaine will show you how to nurture your beautiful self and free up that time to do all the other things that life has to offer. 

As a special feature of our mission we are travelling around Scotland in our campervan (the big Trannie) to gather some inspiration from other women out there who are honing their gifts and talents in their chosen fields of expertise for the benefit of everyone.   So keep a look out for special features with them. 

Meet the CelticYogiBelles

Rhonda Spence &

Elaine Sommerville

Rhonda - My fitness story

Growing up in the coastal town of Monifieth, Scotland and a bit of a tomboy, I was always active.

I was born with wanderlust and, when qualifying as a hairdresser, I packed my shears and headed off to see the world. First port of call was old Amsterdam where I enjoyed all the city had to offer. I finally settled in Cyprus where I ran a successful hairdressing salon for ten years.

I always loved fitness - cycling, weights, aerobics and step. Having sustained a back injury at the age of twenty one, the relentless pounding of high impact cardio compounded my issue.

I discovered Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga, with Anastasia Niclaou. My back pain dissipated and I learned a new way of being. Yoga taught me the immeasurable importance of the mind, body connection. I also became a Reiki Master.

The yen to return to my beloved Scotland brought me home in 2005. I qualified as a spin instructor and simultaneously, I was catapulted into early menopause.  I was thirty six.  Having been Vegan from the age of seventeen, lactose and gluten intolerant, I had accumulated a wealth of nutritional knowledge and a deep understanding of my body’s biorhythms. I wanted to take an entirely holistic and natural approach to my menopause.

Qualifying as a Kettlersize instructor in 2012, I now teach from my Studio surrounded by the beautiful Angus countryside.

For over thirty six years, both as a hairdresser and fitness specialist, working with thousands of women, has given me a unique insight into women’s health, fitness, our relationship with our bodies, well being and mental health.


Elaine - My Yoga Story

​I grew up in the coastal town of Broughty Ferry,  Scotland and sport was my thing.  Although I sustained a serious back injury as a child it was not until my late teens and a student at Glasgow University that I started experiencing 24 hour back pain every day.

I dipped into yoga on and off for years but most yoga classes I had been to at the gyms seemed generic and didn’t resonate with my need for a good workout.  But as I got older with a stressful job as a busy television producer and journalist where I was lucky enough to travel the world but with little time to exercise, my back problems escalated especially after the birth of my three children. 

Back to the yoga and a small class in London, where I lived for 12 years, led by a wonderful Indian girl called Anil who showed me another side to the healing power of yoga. I began to feel a difference in my body - in the way it moved and felt.  My muscles started to feel ironed out and yet strengthened in a way I hadn’t experienced before. But the benefits were so much more than physical. I became calmer in my daily outlook and more mindful about what it was I needed in my life and where I wanted to be.  Oh and my back?  It’s never been better! 

After moving back to Scotland a few years ago my personal yoga practice in Ashtanga and Classical Hatha yoga took hold and it became clear to me that what I really wanted to do was to tell the world about the healing power of yoga to the mind, body and soul.   I enrolled on a 200 hour yoga teaching course with International Yoga Alliance Accredited CYS Teacher Training in 2015 and an intensive 60 hour Atmavikasa Classical Hatha Yoga Immersion course with renowned Indian yoga gurus, Yogacharya Venkatesh and Acharye Hema when they came to Edinburgh on tour.  I now teach yoga in the heart of Scotland. 

I am also a qualified CMA Registered Reiki Master Teacher

and qualified in the Psychic Protection Course taught by the Melchizedek Rose Mystery School including deflecting negative energies, regaining our power and owning our sacred space.  


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