Why these classes will make you feel like a Goddess...

You have the benefit of some fabulous fitness classes using kettlebells, Buso Balls and more as well as a variety of yoga classes  (Classical Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa Flow and more) for all your physical needs.  They target exactly what you need to strengthen, lengthen and empower your body, mind and soul in a timeframe that suits the needs of your busy lives.  You will see major changes very quickly without spending hours exercising as your metabolic rate increases rapidly.  This kickstarts your body's metabolic burners clearing stubborn fat loss.    Our meditation classes will cleanse the mind of anxiety bringing serenity and self empowerment and golden nutritional nuggets of wisdom are the final cog in the wheel to assist with your transformation. 

We will bring you the beautiful countryside of Bonnie Scotland in many of our videos so wherever you are in the world, we bring the beauty of the country we love to life in your own home. 

Training with Fit Ball


Why Kettlebells?

In all my years of working with thousands of women the one common denominator is an improvement of self esteem and confidence. 

Working with kettlebells is so entirely empowering;  it feels amazing.  Once you learn the techniques and moves, kettlebell training becomes a moving meditation.  Its a flowing sequence where we focus on breath, form and movement.  For that time, you are completely in the moment.   If you haven't tried it, pop your kettlebell cherry and join us!  

We have general fitness and HIIT classes and dance fitness and full body BOSU Ball classes too. 



Short bursts of metabolic magic for your daily cardio needs.  A quick 20 minute refresher for the morning or a perfect way to dust off work day blues. 


With a blend of Classical Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga style and Yin Yoga classes, you have a range of different styles of yoga to energise the body and enlighten the senses.  So whatever you feel you need from your practice at any time, there will be the perfect class for you.  From a strong Ashtanga based Vinyasa Flow to a gentle deep stretch Hatha or Yin class, you will open your body and mind to a new perception of reality and so live your life to its fullest.  And you will feel absolutely amazing!

For those short on time there is Sweet Spot Yoga too.  Perfect for before work in the morning or to wind down after a hard day at work!

Stretching on Yoga Mat

For Only £33 per month, you will receive...

Access to our COMPLETE catalogue of ALL  of our fabulous fitness and yoga classes with new classes being added regularly.  And you will also  have full access to our guided meditation videos and a whole host of nutritional advice and recipes.   You will have a chance to take a sneaky peek into the lives of entrepreneurial women in Scotland to discover the secrets of their success.   We offer a complete change of lifestyle that will bring you to the very best you can be!   

We also have two subscription options for only £15 per month - Sweet Spot Yoga (short 25/30 mins yoga classes for those short on time or looking for a yoga maintenance programme) and 369Life classes (short 20 minute bursts of kettlebell and HIIT classes - perfect metabolic magic.   So whether you are a yoga girl or a fitness aficionado, we've got all bases covered.  

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