Meditation and Nutrition

In addition to your fitness and yoga classes, for only £33 per month, you will also receive nutrition videos, intuitive eating knowledge and recipes as well as meditation videos and a wealth of spiritual wisdom from the ancients, too!

Outdoor Meditation
Yoga Class


Bring stillness to the mind and immerse yourself in the midst of timeless wonder with our meditations.  You will find a calmness that will continue to permeate within your life to help you tap into your inner self to guide you along life's rich tapestry and meet obstacles head on with ease and grace. 


Honour your body as though it is your temple by connecting with your inner being by tuning in to your body's natural biorhythms to optimise your immune system, health and wellbeing.  Feed your body the ultimate fuel for your busy lifestyle to cope with the stresses of daily life. 

You'll find loads of recipes and nutritional ideas to help you in your quest. 

Healthy Green Smoothies

For only £33 per month, you will receive

Access to our COMPLETE catalogue of fabulous fitness and yoga classes with new classes being added regularly.  And you will also  have full access to our guided meditation videos and a whole host of nutritional advice and recipes.   You will have a chance to take a sneaky peek into the lives of entrepreneurial women in Scotland to discover the secrets of their success.   We offer a complete change of lifestyle that will bring you to the very best you can be!